This Christmas totally rocked.

11 Jan

Last year, we didn’t put up our Christmas tree, with Tucker just born and Ollie just turning two, my Christmas spirit was exhausted and any Christmas decorations consisted of static clings on the windows.

This year, though, we did it up right.

We waited until the boys were in bed and set up and decorated the tree, knowing it would be a cool surprise for the boys when they woke the next day.

Ollie got up first and went directly to the Thomas ornament placed strategically at his height.

Note the Thomas jammies, as well.











And then Tucker got up and went directly to the Thomas ornament placed strategically at his height.










And then Tucker just laughed at it. He pointed and laughed and laughed and pointed. Long after Ollie was over the novelty of having a shiny bright tree in the living room, Tucker continued to be fascinated. At Grandma and Grandpa Miller’s house, that fascination continued.







And then Santa Claus came.









This is the first time we’ve had a visit from Santa Claus, and I can say, I loved it. Like, seriously. I was up later than normal, wrapping presents and watching Christmas movies and I can see that in five years this novelty might wear off. But now, the first time, it was silly how excited I was to be a pretty integral part in the awesomeness that is a kid’s Christmas. I mean, it’s a pretty big deal to be responsible for creating some of a kid’s most anticipated event and making those memories. It made me teary, honestly. And honestly, I’m a bit of nerd, so….there you go.

Anyway, Santa knows Thomas, and uses Thomas wrapping paper, of course.







And these boys had an alright time unwrapping these presents, I’d say. And it was pretty awesome, paper everywhere, toys everywhere, a little bit of a meltdown from an under-the-weather Ollie, but for my first time inviting Santa into our house, it was a bit of delightful.










And then! AND THEN! CHRISTMAS KEPT ON GOING at my parents’ house, where Ollie got some AWESOME new boots from Great-Grandma Rose. He wore these boots for the rest of the night (they have lights, too!) and the next day until we maybe sort of hid them for the day we might get snow.









And Santa Tucker…







And Ollie and his Buddy, Thomas,










And his very cool backpack that, in true Ollie style, he wore proudly the whole next day.









This Christmas totally rocked.

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One response to “This Christmas totally rocked.

  1. BRO

    January 16, 2012 at 12:07 am

    My experience was that the novelty only
    sort of wore off once everyone was
    grown, and then, happily, comes back
    when there are little ones around again!
    The grins and the sparkle in their eyes..


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