TucksGiving, 2011

03 Jan

So we’re going back in time to the end of November. Jump in your DeLorean and fondly remember the fashions, they music, the technology of a few months ago…

Tucker. Dear sweet, lovely Tucker, turned one on November 28th, which really kind of blows my mind. I mean, really, where does the time really go? So, to celebrate the year that he went from this






to this:









we had a couple of parties.


Our family decided a few years ago on some Thanksgiving rules. #1: Olson Thanksgiving is always on the Saturday following actual Thanksgiving. This way, we kids can hang out with our respective In-Laws on the actual day and with our “home” family on Saturday and #2: There is now a set rotation. As my brothers and I have grown into responsible adults, we should be able to cook a turkey and all the trimmings for the rest of the family every four years.

First up, Matty’s family’s Thanksgiving. Since both the boys’ birthdays are within a month of each other, it was decided to have a quick little Birthday party for the two of them as well. So, after the turkey was cleared away, Tucker wore his Birthday Boy crown and t-shirt and poked at some wrapped presents.









And then a couple days later, I spent a lot of time cleaning and cooking to create the world’s best Thanksgiving dinner. At least my best Thanksgiving dinner. We have a tiny house. And our tiny house has no dining room. To accommodate the family, we moved around some furniture and brought in some tables and created a dining room in the living room. Not a bad set-up, really, it makes us look all fancy.










But Tucker wanted to chew on the tables








And Ollie wanted to chew on some mashed potatoes…











And everyone likes pie…








And Tucker likes cake…











…and opening presents with no pants on…

Nudity, pie, cake and presents…what more could you ask for in a birthday party?

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