03 Jan

Professional photographers, especially those who work with kids, are crazy people. Moms and Grandmas who take kids to get professional photos taken, are a little crazy as well.

It didn’t start out so well, to be honest, Ollie went a little nutzo at the idea that he had to sit in a particular place (in a chair, gasp!) and look a particular way (happy, gasp!!) when all he wanted to do was check out the scenery. And because I can look at all the pictures I want of a crying Ollie without paying for them, we aborted Mission: Start With Ollie and brought Tucker out for his closeup.

Not a bad idea, considering Tucker likes being looked at.

And then Ollie noticed the prop “presents” strewn about and settled in to disassemble them.


And we got a few of the boys together in an idyllic fake Christmas setting, with Tucker, nosy as usual regarding anything Ollie has, and Ollie, nosy as usual, wondering what’s in there, and working hard to figure it out.


With the idyllic fake Christmas setting down and done, we took them to the White Room for a shot or two together. Which, by the way, was a little like corralling bunny rabbits with both of them on the move. Sit Tucker down, get Ollie over and sitting down…and…uh….Tucker! Stay There!

But, with some crazy inventive antics from the photographers, it worked out okay.







And the headshots! Oh the headshots!














The photographers talked me into spending more than I expected, but as a consolation prize, I got this coffee mug. Something I never would have ordered, but may just love forever.








**photographs from Portrait Innovations**

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  1. BRO

    January 16, 2012 at 12:01 am

    Yes, but it was sure worth the hassle,
    says the Grandma.


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