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This Christmas totally rocked.

Last year, we didn’t put up our Christmas tree, with Tucker just born and Ollie just turning two, my Christmas spirit was exhausted and any Christmas decorations consisted of static clings on the windows.

This year, though, we did it up right.

We waited until the boys were in bed and set up and decorated the tree, knowing it would be a cool surprise for the boys when they woke the next day.

Ollie got up first and went directly to the Thomas ornament placed strategically at his height.

Note the Thomas jammies, as well.











And then Tucker got up and went directly to the Thomas ornament placed strategically at his height.










And then Tucker just laughed at it. He pointed and laughed and laughed and pointed. Long after Ollie was over the novelty of having a shiny bright tree in the living room, Tucker continued to be fascinated. At Grandma and Grandpa Miller’s house, that fascination continued.







And then Santa Claus came.









This is the first time we’ve had a visit from Santa Claus, and I can say, I loved it. Like, seriously. I was up later than normal, wrapping presents and watching Christmas movies and I can see that in five years this novelty might wear off. But now, the first time, it was silly how excited I was to be a pretty integral part in the awesomeness that is a kid’s Christmas. I mean, it’s a pretty big deal to be responsible for creating some of a kid’s most anticipated event and making those memories. It made me teary, honestly. And honestly, I’m a bit of nerd, so….there you go.

Anyway, Santa knows Thomas, and uses Thomas wrapping paper, of course.







And these boys had an alright time unwrapping these presents, I’d say. And it was pretty awesome, paper everywhere, toys everywhere, a little bit of a meltdown from an under-the-weather Ollie, but for my first time inviting Santa into our house, it was a bit of delightful.










And then! AND THEN! CHRISTMAS KEPT ON GOING at my parents’ house, where Ollie got some AWESOME new boots from Great-Grandma Rose. He wore these boots for the rest of the night (they have lights, too!) and the next day until we maybe sort of hid them for the day we might get snow.









And Santa Tucker…







And Ollie and his Buddy, Thomas,










And his very cool backpack that, in true Ollie style, he wore proudly the whole next day.









This Christmas totally rocked.

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Professional photographers, especially those who work with kids, are crazy people. Moms and Grandmas who take kids to get professional photos taken, are a little crazy as well.

It didn’t start out so well, to be honest, Ollie went a little nutzo at the idea that he had to sit in a particular place (in a chair, gasp!) and look a particular way (happy, gasp!!) when all he wanted to do was check out the scenery. And because I can look at all the pictures I want of a crying Ollie without paying for them, we aborted Mission: Start With Ollie and brought Tucker out for his closeup.

Not a bad idea, considering Tucker likes being looked at.

And then Ollie noticed the prop “presents” strewn about and settled in to disassemble them.


And we got a few of the boys together in an idyllic fake Christmas setting, with Tucker, nosy as usual regarding anything Ollie has, and Ollie, nosy as usual, wondering what’s in there, and working hard to figure it out.


With the idyllic fake Christmas setting down and done, we took them to the White Room for a shot or two together. Which, by the way, was a little like corralling bunny rabbits with both of them on the move. Sit Tucker down, get Ollie over and sitting down…and…uh….Tucker! Stay There!

But, with some crazy inventive antics from the photographers, it worked out okay.







And the headshots! Oh the headshots!














The photographers talked me into spending more than I expected, but as a consolation prize, I got this coffee mug. Something I never would have ordered, but may just love forever.








**photographs from Portrait Innovations**

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TucksGiving, 2011

So we’re going back in time to the end of November. Jump in your DeLorean and fondly remember the fashions, they music, the technology of a few months ago…

Tucker. Dear sweet, lovely Tucker, turned one on November 28th, which really kind of blows my mind. I mean, really, where does the time really go? So, to celebrate the year that he went from this






to this:









we had a couple of parties.


Our family decided a few years ago on some Thanksgiving rules. #1: Olson Thanksgiving is always on the Saturday following actual Thanksgiving. This way, we kids can hang out with our respective In-Laws on the actual day and with our “home” family on Saturday and #2: There is now a set rotation. As my brothers and I have grown into responsible adults, we should be able to cook a turkey and all the trimmings for the rest of the family every four years.

First up, Matty’s family’s Thanksgiving. Since both the boys’ birthdays are within a month of each other, it was decided to have a quick little Birthday party for the two of them as well. So, after the turkey was cleared away, Tucker wore his Birthday Boy crown and t-shirt and poked at some wrapped presents.









And then a couple days later, I spent a lot of time cleaning and cooking to create the world’s best Thanksgiving dinner. At least my best Thanksgiving dinner. We have a tiny house. And our tiny house has no dining room. To accommodate the family, we moved around some furniture and brought in some tables and created a dining room in the living room. Not a bad set-up, really, it makes us look all fancy.










But Tucker wanted to chew on the tables








And Ollie wanted to chew on some mashed potatoes…











And everyone likes pie…








And Tucker likes cake…











…and opening presents with no pants on…

Nudity, pie, cake and presents…what more could you ask for in a birthday party?

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