I did not name my son Liver

09 Jun

I bought a pair of jammies for Ollie a couple weeks ago from Walmart. The bottoms look like this:

Like a bowl of Alpha-Bits was accidentally spilled on his pants.

I try to find ways to sit down with him to learn things without him realizing he’s sitting down and learning, so we sat together and looked for letters on his pants. A different enough activity to keep his attention long enough to look for almost all the letters, and he can’t tear them apart with glee, when I made a surprising discovery.

I was able to point out A through N with no problems, but then I got stuck.


Which, incidentally is somewhat integral in spelling a certain someone’s name in this house.

I participate in an online group of other mothers and I put an APB out for anyone else with these same jammies to find an O. (I know, with every post, I reveal more and more details of my dorkitude, participating with an online group?)

But, another member revealed I didn’t actually get a dud batch, cut from the discount material, someone else from my group was also surprised by the omission of the letter O on these jammies.

In Walmart’s alphabet, the letter O doesn’t exist.

Where is with the letter O, Walmart? Has it offended you in some way? Is it because there is no O in Walmart that you didn’t care? There are other words important to Walmart’s image that does include an O, though. DiscOunt. LOw Prices. “Save MOney, Live Better” is their current tagline. Clearly they don’t omit the O in those materials.

WTH, Walmart?

Someone suggested that there are lion’s head hidden in the letters and perhaps those heads are supposed to be the acting O, as a tie in to the jammy top, which proudly displays two Os in its theme, “LiOn ArOund.” Perhaps stand-in, if you will, for the actual letter?

I’m not buying it. Does this look like an O to you? No, it looks like a lion’s head.

Is this why they were only $5? They don’t get the whole alphabet?

Whatever their thinking is, I’m just disappointed I couldn’t sit down and point out letters with my son.

I didn’t name my son Liver.


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2 responses to “I did not name my son Liver

  1. BRO

    June 9, 2011 at 12:58 pm

    Liver wouldn’t even be a cute nickname… Did you ever smell liver??

    • kim

      June 9, 2011 at 7:04 pm

      who would’ve noticed???? but,,,ok…,,got an idea….use a “sharpy” and make your own “O”‘s. hmmm, Ollie could even help….. 🙂


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