Boys in pajamas.

13 May

Tucker fell asleep on the floor, waiting for his bottle.

We have pajama days a couple times a week, just because I think kids in jammies is one of the best parts of having kids.

Tucker woke me up the other morning, laughing in his sleep. A few minutes later, he was cooing and gooing telling me he was up. It’s so nice when they realize that they’re not dying of starvation and screaming about it the moment they wake up, but can spend a few minutes stretching, cooing, yawning in the morning.

Ollie looks so old in his two-piece jammies. We had to switch from the footed, zippy jammies when he unzipped and went digging in his diaper and found poop. So two-piece, top and bottom jammies is the way he rolls these days.

Ollie wakes from his naps like a little teenager. On the rare instances we have to get him up, we’re not so welcomed. He’ll put his blanket back over his face and snuggle deeper into his blankets. He’ll sit there, stunned that I’ve woken him, blinking and smacking his lips. After a good couple yawns and stretches, he’s ready to come out to the living room, blanket in hand, ready to play.

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