And Tucker eats, too!

13 May

Tucker’s now five and half months old and his appetite seems insatiable. So insatiable, I felt I wasn’t keeping up with him and made the switch to formula about a month ago. His last bottle of the day sometimes requires a refill because he wants more than the 9 ounces the bottle can hold.

It’s amazing how much this kid eats. I’m so not used to this. 11 ounces before bed? Any less and he wakes up at 4am because he’s starving? Cuh-RAZY.

So, a month or two before I wanted, I mixed up his formula with rice cereal. I didn’t want to, I really didn’t. I learned from Ollie that baby poop with more than milk or formula is really quite stinky. And, a little more honestly, it’s just so much easier to sit down with a bottle than it is to mix up the cereal. And even more honestly, I really didn’t want to have to start feeding Tucker yet, since Ollie only started feeding himself a couple months ago.  I wanted a break from spooning food into open mouths.

But alas, ’twas not to be.

Tucker warmed up to the cereal in fun fashion, though.

He grabbed my hands to get the spoon in faster, he made his little happy baby coos and mmmmms.  He didn’t wake at 4am looking for more food. He was finally satisfied.

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One response to “And Tucker eats, too!

  1. Nicole Lemke

    May 13, 2011 at 11:01 am

    For Claire I had to invest in a bigger bottle since the typical 8 ouncers weren’t enough and it was a pain to run out of formula just as she was about to sleep and have to make another 2 oz. Thankfully, Macy never required the 10 ounce bottle. I have a friend who had a daughter that never went over 4 ounces!


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