Our kitchen make-over!

10 May

Spring Break happened late last month, and as owners of a home that was last updated at least a couple decades ago, that means making some of our own updates and improvements. Last Spring Break, we got a new bathroom, this year we tackled our not-as-bad-as-the-bathroom-was,-but-still-pretty-bad-kitchen:

The countertops (BLUE!) were the first to go, replaced by a less aggressive color that hides coffee spills much more efficiently. We also got a new sink, but I’m somewhat sad to have replaced the sink that the house was born with, but clearly, it had seen its day. The date on the bottom showed that it had been the headquarters of dishwashing since 1956 or so. I know that retro-vators (people working to restore their mid-century homes to how they could have been when brand new) would feel sorrow that we replaced our original Kohler sink (with Hudee Ring!) but stainless is a more logical choice for us.

When we first looked at the house to buy it, the first thing we both said was, “that’s some blue countertop!” and wondered why, oh WHY would anyone choose to install that in their kitchen (colorblind? too cheap to pass up?). Then we started peeling up the vinyl peel and stick floor tiles that were thrown down. We discovered this awesome must-be-70s era Armstrong linoleum floor. Suddenly the blue counters didn’t seem so outlandish, with bits of blue and silver in the floor. To be honest, I seriously considered restoring this floor, it’s awesome-ness just was too awesome. But, knowing that some day we might be selling, we went with a more neutral choice. A chocolate-milk colored ceramic tile, incidentally, the same brand and color that we put in the bathroom last year.

Next came a backsplash. I love backsplashes and spent hours at the home improvement stores choosing the style and colors. I had an idea of what I wanted, but couldn’t find it. Mosaic would have been too busy for my style, but I wanted some kind of flair. The mosaics I found, while easily separated to make a stripe, when separated, were too bland. I wanted flair! I wanted drama, but not too much drama! I ended up ordering my flair style online. Happily the site photographs their products well and I got exactly what I wanted. A bit of color, a bit of neutral…

I love it, it’s exactly how I imagined.

We got a new pendant light fixture over the sink. The old was was hidden behind the fun scallops that made the cabinets lovely. I’ve learned to love the cabinets, and didn’t want to replace them. They’re original to the house and in really good condition. I did get some new door and drawer pulls to update them a bit, and they’re now over 50 years old and still holding dishes with style.

The update continued with a new coat of paint to warm the room up a bit. It was white and cold before; with some Sahara Sand on the walls, it is a much warmer feel.

Yesterday, Ollie’s Speech Therapist was here for the first time since it’s been redone. She was talking and just trailed off. She started her next sentence with, “Sorry, I just noticed your new backsplash; it’s gorgeous!”

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One response to “Our kitchen make-over!

  1. BRO

    May 11, 2011 at 11:30 pm

    I think it’s all gorgeous!! You do have a flair!!


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