Confessions of a Modern “Housewife.”

30 Mar
Confessions of a Modern “Housewife.”

I don’t like waking my kids up early for appointments. I thoroughly enjoy my mornings with coffee and laptop. Alone.

I think Stay At Home Mom’s should be paid top-dollar for this career we’ve chosen.

I have gone six days without showering.

Sometimes I cut my bangs only to hide my eyebrows that desperately need grooming.

There are days I wish I could call in sick.

I’ve gone nine months without a professional haircut, 12 months without a professional pedicure, and have made a bottle of hairspray last nearly two years.

Sometimes I laugh hysterically at Ollie’s hysterical moments.

I tend to tell everyone about my day, because I haven’t been awesome at keeping up adult friendships.

Dinner is rarely made in time for Matty’s arrival back at home.

I am legitimately surprised when I don’t get skinny, but I eat cookies for breakfast.

I love caffeine.

My home is very rarely in order – if you popped by, I would likely be embarrassed by the amount of mess everywhere.

I have accidentally on-purpose farted on Ollie’s head.

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One response to “Confessions of a Modern “Housewife.”

  1. kim

    March 31, 2011 at 1:07 pm

    I’ve been a housewife for about a year now and can relate to everything in this post,,,,except for that last sentence…. reminds me of someone else……hmmmm…who can it be…..


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