So what’s new around here?

02 Feb


It’s been quite the busy winter here in our little house.

Tucker was born only three weeks earlier than his scheduled birthday, so that’s a big improvement over Ollie’s three months earlier!

So what happened? My water broke. Plain and simple. No big scary day filled with “he’s not moving like he should be” worries or tears of “this shouldn’t be happening yet,” the only thing that was complicated about the day was getting ahold of my parents to meet us at the hospital to watch Ollie. The only worry was whether or not it was my water breaking or I was peeing myself all day.

So we met our Tucker just a few weeks earlier than expected at 36 weeks. Just barely a preemie. Not even a NICU stay. I heard him cry almost as soon as he was out, it was the sound of a healthy baby crying.

His trip out of the OR was in my arms, not in an isolette.

His first feeding was in the recovery room, not through a tube.

Take your new baby home with you? WHA??? You’re sure he’s not having troubles breathing? You’re positive his oxygen levels are maintaining themselves? You’re absolutely positive he can keep his own body temperature up?

So this is how it’s supposed to be?

Whoa. You just blew my mind there a little bit.

It’s a little bit of awesome right there!

So, yeah, Tucker came home on December 1 and threw our little household for a loop. The clothes that I put away as Ollie outgrew them were in no way logically sorted, we had to open Christmas presents early just to have an outfit to come home in. My parents rearranged their lives to help us out while Matty rearranged his work schedule to accommodate a few weeks of paternity leave to kick off his Winter Break. And then there’s the matter of healing from major abdominal surgery to make things difficult. But we’re figuring it out.

And we’re busy. But we’re all getting acquainted as time goes on.



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3 responses to “So what’s new around here?

  1. kim brooks

    February 2, 2011 at 12:06 pm


  2. Miss M

    February 2, 2011 at 2:46 pm

    Congratulations on little Tucker! I’m so glad you were able to have a “Take Home Baby”!!

    • earlyollie

      February 2, 2011 at 4:26 pm

      So much easier than a NICU grad! 🙂


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