Pregnancy, Gestating & Incubating…Part One

08 Nov

Surprisingly, Non-Stress-Tests are kind of stressful.

Every Tuesday and Friday, I get hooked up to monitors for about 30 minutes to check in with Little Brother and make sure that he’s doing everything as he should be. We make sure he’s moving, his heart’s beating with proper accelerations and decelerations, generally just healthy and happily floating around in amniotic fluid. We also make sure that I’m not having contractions and either a) not feeling them or b) feeling them but not having any idea that it’s contractions.

You get the idea. Ollie failed a Non-Stress-Test the day he was born, if that tells you anything.

The thing is, is that a baby’s pass/fail marking depends on a consistently heard heartbeat and Little Brother apparently still has room to slither away from that speaker that’s trying to catch every noise he makes. So, while I’m hanging out in a La-Z-Boy with my belly exposed, I’m pressing that monitor into my skin to make sure that that thing really is picking everything up.

I don’t want my baby to fail some of his very first tests!

These days, these Tuesdays and Fridays, are well-coordinated events. Because I’m hooked up to monitors, having Ollie there really wouldn’t be the best idea. Especially while I’m fishing around for heartbeats and pressing a game-show button when I feel Little Brother move.

There are days that Matty meets us at the hospital and entertains Ollie with a walk or by playing in the waiting room on the Labor & Delivery floor, and that’s stressful when traffic is bad. He has to rush out of work as quickly as possible to make sure that he’s there in time for the appointment.  There are other days that I have to call in The Grandparents for an hour or two of fun while I get monitored. And that’s stressful because, well, I’m just not good yet at handing over the Ollie Reins and tend to leave late while explaining things or settling him down for a nap.

I doubt The Grandparents mind I just feel bad to take up even more of their time. Especially for a quick little thing like a Non-Stress Test.

But I get to hear heartbeats which helps everyone rest assured that everything is working just fine.

At almost 34 weeks, I’ve gone six weeks longer than with Ollie.


I’ve remarked that I’m a rookie in pregnancy for the last six weeks, and Ollie might as well have been adopted with how different this ends from what I’m used to.

My goal in my head was to make it this far, and these tests help reassure me that Little Brother shouldn’t be out any sooner than his designated Birth Day.

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