Pregnancy, Gestating & Incubating, Part Two

08 Nov

My body does not excel at pregnancy.

It sucks, because we don’t know if Little Brother will be the last in our little family, but with the daily shots of Lovenox and other “complications” that have cropped up, it sort of seems like maybe my body just isn’t cut out for this. Just not made of the “right stuff” to allow for a healthy, happy, long pregnancy without lots of third-party intervention.

Had I been having babies 100 years ago… well, honestly, I don’t really want to think of that.

But honestly. Things that I assume are regular pregnancy hand-in-glove companions? Turns out not everyone has it.

Like unbelievable, dragging-my-dupa-at-11-am-and-again-at-5pm-exhaustion-even-after-a-nap? Not an everyday occurrence in other pregnant women. Huh! Whodathought?

My blood just isn’t making enough red blood cells and I’m very anemic. So my blood doctor prescribed twice-daily iron pills to get those buggers manufacturing those RBCs and yet, I’m still taking two (TWO!) two hour naps a day.*

And, even with a double dose of over-the-counter iron, my hemoglobin levels dropped in a month. THEY DROPPED! I’m even MORE anemic than I was NOT taking the extra iron.


See? Maaaaaybe not quite cut out for this. Things. Just. Happen.

So, every Thursday, from 1:30 until about 3, my hand looks like this and my mouth tastes groady because I’m hooked up to an iron IV, helping my limping blood cells along to make the necessary amounts of hemoglobin.


However ridiculous, it’s not actually terrible. It’s one of the only times during the week that I can do…well, nothing. I’m not sitting on the couch thinking I should dust under the tv, or thinking about the dishwasher that needs emptying or feeling guilty that Ollie doesn’t know his colors yet.

I just sit.

For awhile.

See? Not actually terrible, when you forget about the needle in your hand and the small talk with the nurses, “…and in 1975, I was encouraged by my professor to go into nursing. I mean I was going to be a teacher, but I loved biology, so I decided to…”¬† “…and you know what? The DIRECTOR of the PROGRAM gave me the paperwork to get started!”

The place has WiFi so I can bring my iPod along and check in with FaceBook friends or catch up on blogs I follow, but it’s basically an hour and a half of time for me. Not recommended. Not advised. Forced. Prescribed, even.

I haven’t had a steady dose of “nothing to do but sit” since I drove 45 minutes to work and home every day. And no one offered me water or snacks on my commute.

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