We worked hard this summer!

23 Aug

This is the end, my friend.

I remember last summer, my first summer as a Stay-At-Home-Mom, I was skeptical about how well it was going to go with Matty being off for the summer. With us being in each other’s spaces all day long, how were we not going to kill each other?

I wasn’t looking forward to it, honestly. Sorry, Matty.

This year was a bit the same. I wasn’t dreading it, but I wasn’t looking forward to it, either.  24/7 interaction can be trying sometimes if you have a tiny house, frustrated child, and a pregnant lady all rolled into one. It can be the perfect storm of nitpicking, complaining about another episode of Hawaii Five-O, pointing out the details of a conversation that the other person clearly missed while playing on the internet and not paying 100% attention to every word. And, I had worked to get Ollie on a schedule, and wasn’t looking forward to Matty’s sometimes flippant attitude to naps.

Sounds great, right?

But then, the exhaustion started; the exhaustion of being pregnant that started up sometime in May. Before the school year ended, Matt would walk in the door, I would head to bed, snuggling down for a two-hour nap. It was ridiculous, really.

And then I started looking forward to him being around all day every day.

It’s.  Been.  AWESOME!

We worked out a schedule early on where everyone was happy with what tasks we were doing during the day, with Matty getting sufficient time in the garage to work on things. I think we’ve all been pretty happy with the set up.

We actually did stuff!

We plopped Ollie in his VW Bug and took short walks around the neighborhood.

We started planning outings to get us all out of the house, so we weren’t all up in each other’s grills all day.

Like the day we went to see The Fonz in downtown Milwaukee.

And when we went to see the Evel Kneivel display at the Harley Museum, where Ollie sat on a motorcycle for the first (and likely not the last) time.

We checked out some vintage airplanes, including the perennial favorite, WWII Bomber, B-17 at a local small airport, with the family around Father’s Day. This event is always fun, and Ollie’s now been there twice.

And, rode on a boat, a tractor, a train, a wagon, done some visiting, went to some appointments, helped both my Grandma and my parents move (all in the same week!) and nearly mastered the art of crawling. We really didn’t go more than 3 days without something to do, whether it was seeing a doctor, having therapy, driving to see Matt’s parents two hours away or just working on stuff.

Who would have thought that the summertime, when the ‘living is easy” would have been this busy?

But, today.

Today was the last day of Matty’s summertime.

Today was our last walk to our corner Walgreens and thrift store.

Today, he shaved off his summer sideburns, put away his Dr. Scholl’s velcro shoes, washed his motorcycle for the (likely) the last time this season, and readies himself for another school year.

Tomorrow, he goes back to work.

Five days a week, 10 hours a day.

I’m honestly sad to see him go. We’ve been good buddies all summer long. Just a few little tiffs in a string of days that were sunny and delightful. Now it’s just me and Ollie, again.

We’ll have to work on his nap schedule and dance around the four-times-a-week therapies we’ll be starting soon, but we make it work. My daily nap will just be after 4pm now, once Matty is home and all is well again.

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One response to “We worked hard this summer!

  1. Bro

    August 24, 2010 at 7:46 pm

    And made many good memories!


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