Orville and Wilbur Wright did some pretty awesome things together. So did the BeeGees.

23 Aug

When I was little, like 3 years old little, I remember a conversation I had with my mom. Because it’s been about a few decades since this conversation took place, I don’t remember the exact wordings, but the gist of the discussion went like this:

Three Year Old Me said...

When I’m a grown-up, my name will magically change to my mother’s. I will be married to fella who’s name happens to be my father’s, and I will have three children, two big brothers and a little girl. Those brothers will have my brothers’ names, and the little girl will be called Lisa.

In short, I will live my mother’s life.

What a bizarre thing for a kid to come up with, hey?

—Fast forward thirty years—

I was right.

While my name remains Lisa, as it has been since birth, and I did not marry a man called Leon, I am, however, two-thirds of the way to having my “two big brothers and a little girl.”

Ollie is going to be a Big Brother to a Little Brother!

When I was brewing up Ollie, we were set against finding out the gender of the little guy. As Matt pointed out, he could “assume it’s a boy until proved otherwise.”

Of course he was a boy, our little Ollie.

This time around, I had my heart set ON finding out. Since Ollie’s baby shower actually happened AFTER he was born, we have already lots and lots of boy stuff – clothes and blankets and bedding – even though we were surprised at birth on his gender. So, with no gender-neutral green or yellow outfits around, if this one popped out a girl, she would be dressed in train and airplane onesies and wrapped up in puppy dog blankets.

No! No! No! This will not do!

If we had shopping to do, I wanted to get it done NOW. Instead of waiting until I am much further along and fighting snowy days and Christmas shoppers to find her a good “going-home” outfit, I wanted to stock up on cowgirl bedding and find her a “Daddy’s Little Girl” onesie sooner than later.

So, really somewhat against Matt’s arguments that “it’s just not right!” I answered “yes” when the technician asked if I wanted to know. (He knew I was going to find out, it’s not like he doesn’t know I know or anything like that.)

Besides, it was mostly his idea to be surprised when Ollie was born and he got his way the first time around, I get my way this time around and found out.

And there HE was, giving the technician a hard time.  An actual yawning, tongue moving, wiener-having little guy.

I’m not about to lie, I was sorta thinking Old Number 2 here might be a girl, but as soon as I saw he was a boy, I knew that this is how my family should be. While still in the ultrasound room, I tried out “he” and it felt natural…The absolute perfect complement to my little guy at home.

I’m soooo not against having two little boys around!

I’ve seen my brothers grow up being pretty good friends, and with only 2 years between them, I’m hoping that’s how my boys will be. Crazy, goofy times will be ahead I’m sure.

Besides, Orville and Wilbur Wright did some pretty awesome things together. So did the BeeGees.

My boys.

My two boys.


Yep, this is how it’s supposed to be. I’ve known this since I was three years old.


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2 responses to “Orville and Wilbur Wright did some pretty awesome things together. So did the BeeGees.

  1. BRO

    August 25, 2010 at 8:10 am

    love it!!

  2. Nicole Lemke

    October 23, 2010 at 4:27 pm

    Seriously, you remember stuff from being three? I keep telling myself I have time to shape up my behavior since Claire won’t remember anyway…


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