Surprisingly, a chiropractor seems to be the missing link in his army of specialists.

14 Jul

Remember when Ollie wasn’t sitting? When he wasn’t showing any signs of ever being upright or mobile…ever?

Yeah. Those days were interesting, strangely frustrating.

It was during that time that my wheels started turning and the words “preemies, lack of mobility and chiropractics” started finding their way into my Google search bar. The research and first person success stories I found — along with a conversation my sister-in-law overheard at her chiropractor’s office — convinced me to at least give it a try. Seriously, what did we have to lose?

Surprisingly, a chiropractor seems to be the missing link in his army of specialists.

Before our first visit, Ollie would sit for only seconds at a time, really. And only when he was very distracted by a super cool toy. When your child is getting to be over a year, and then rounding out a year and a half, and he’s still not sitting, you start to second guess everything that you ever heard about “typical preemie behavior” and start questioning whether or not he’ll ever sit…or crawl…or stand….or walk….it’s a dark road to venture down.

So, we added Dr. Erin to our team of helpers, working alongside our Occupational Therapist and Physical Therapist.

I’m not lying when I say I was crazy-surprised with the quickness of actual, physical, tangible results.

Within his first month of once-a-week chiropractic visits, he was sitting on his own for whole chunks of time.


And now, in his third month of visits, he’s army crawling like a pro.

Double WHAT??

We’ve had 10 visits with Dr. Erin. In that time, the strides that Ollie has made have blown his OT and PT out of the water, and they had 8 months of weekly visits with him.

Triple WHAT???

I know, I know, it does seem bizarre to take a baby, erm…toddler, to a chiropractor, and even weirder when I’ve never actually been to one myself. But I’ve heard great things about baby chiropractics in general. And, this chiropractor in particular comes very, very highly recommended. And, we’ve seen with Ollie, it can take “alternative” measures (remember the beef jerky days?) to convince him to do things. I admit, though, I had my reservations.

But she’s so gentle with him. It’s not like she’s cracking and forcing and strong-arming his body into doing something it clearly doesn’t want to. She gently persuades his body to respond to her encouragement. Really, not unlike his PT. She uses a thermometer of sorts along his spine, to determine where any inflammations are (inflammation = heat, the thermometer recognizes those areas that aren’t lined up properly) and can actually show me where his areas of weaknesses are.

Even more convincing, she mentioned the same exact challenges that his OT and PT have mentioned when it came to his lack of mobility. Without me having to utter a sound about them. PT mentioned his lack of lumbar curve? Hey! So did Dr. Erin! She mentioned she’d like to start working on helping him turn his head back and forth? Guess what! So did OT! So now we have three different kinds of professionals working to manipulate his body to create that lumbar curve and helping him turn his head.

And, it’s working.

And, he doesn’t even cry during his adjustments.

Crazy, eh?

Dr. Erin mentioned, when we first started seeing her, that we’d hopefully see results in one to three months. In that first month, he was sitting; in his third month, he is army-crawling. He’s even properly getting out of a sit by leaning forward to support himself with his hands and getting into a crawling position.

My toddler that doesn’t toddle is so on his way to toddling-town.

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One response to “Surprisingly, a chiropractor seems to be the missing link in his army of specialists.

  1. Dr. Felicia Conner, DC

    July 14, 2010 at 9:58 pm

    I would LOVE to meet this Dr. Erin!!! I am so happy that you finally made the leap!!! I have helped TONS of kiddos in my office! I never get tired of hearing and seeing these wonderful success stories!
    Thanks for sharing! 🙂


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