I realize just how much I was looking forward to this

02 Jun

According to The Experts, most babies sit unassisted for minutes at a time between the ages of 4 to 7 months old. Key words there, “most babies.”

Ollie is  not a “most baby.”

Ollie has finally, finally, FINALLY begun sitting unassisted for minutes at a time, whole chunks of time without the need to sit closely behind him in case he gives up.

He is nearly 18 months old.

I can’t begin to talk about how excited I am of him for getting this.  He has finally bought into the idea that sitting upright can give him a whole new perspective on things, can allow him to play properly with toys, clap his hands and play peek-a-boo! It’s so much better to sit than it is to lay all day!

And now that he’s finally sitting, I realize just how much I was looking forward to this.

I’m finally able to sit in front of Ollie to play together, instead of behind him, holding him up.

I’m finally able to scoot away to get a toy without keeping a hand on him.

We can now sit outside on a blanket, playing with toys and working on other skills…isn’t that the idyllic picture of the stay-at-home-mom?

Sheesh, I’m going to make myself cry here.

When he started sitting unassisted, only about two weeks ago, ideas of things we can do and new revelations started cropping up…

“We can get him a swimming pool!” “We can have more play-dates!” “It’s so much easier to change his shirt now that he’s sitting!”

It’s pretty interesting how much I’m so not taking his ability to sit for granted. He *should* have been doing this almost a year ago. We’ve been working on sitting for nearly a year.

The Experts say that premature babies catch up to their peers by their second birthdays. He’s getting there. This sitting victory is proof that Ollie will come around. He just has to see for himself the benefits of doing it.

And he finally has, because it’s a lot easier to grab for stuff.

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