Getting the TEAM together.

19 Mar

Okay, we’re 36 days out from this year’s March For Babies. Here’s what to do if you either

a) want to sign up for walking and be part of Team EARLY OLLIE!


b) help us reach our goal of raising $250 for the March of Dimes.

For those reading who can walk (Saturday, April 24th), please do this…

Visit Team EARLY OLLIE!’s team page at the March of Dimes

and click on the “JOIN THIS TEAM” Button under the image. It will ask you to enter your name, your PERSONAL fundraising goal, which will be put into the “TEAM EARLY OLLIE!” Bucket, and some other key information. Nothing scary, I promise.

You will be shown different ways to stir up interest and create ways to inspire your friends and family to donate to your personal goal, helping fill our bigger bucket.

Right now Team EARLY OLLIE! has only one lonely member. Me. So, don’t make me be the only one!

For anyone who can’t make it to the walk, but wants to donate to our bucket, here’s what you can do. Click on the Purple Badge over to the right. I just did this; it’ll take you to MY page at Team EARLY OLLIE! and you can donate to my goal of $250.

For MY reasons to donate to the March of Dimes, read here or here to be taken to the March of Dimes website.

Please…your donation is appreciated, so, so much. Five dollars, whatever you can contribute. It goes to a great place.

Thank you!

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