Cough, fever & chest x-ray – who knew it’d be a great day?

12 Mar

Starting Tuesday, Ollie developed a bit of a cough. Nothing too big, but certainly a new addition to his daily repertoire that we noticed it. He takes it in stride, a cough and a smile as he goes about his baby-business.

Matty suggested I call the doctor and I replied that he doesn’t have a fever, so it’s probably nothing. I checked on him before settling into bed on Wednesday night and came out with the news, “so much for not having a fever.”

He was warm, but sleeping soundly.

Thursday was a different sort of day.

We woke up at 7, he ate, and went down for a nap around 8:15. He slept until noon, woke up, ate a bit, and was napping again 45 minutes later. All with a fever of about 102.1.

A four-hour nap definitely isn’t part of his daily repertoire. So, true to Matty’s prediction, I called the doctor.

We were able to be seen at 3:45 that day and got a full work-up.

Ears look fine, throat looks good, lungs sound perfect; it’s probably viral, with nothing really to do but wait it out. Except…hmmm…given his weak lungs, we better look into this a little further.

I’ve written about Ollie’s lung issues before and any mention of a cough kinda sends doctors into a tizzy. They want to make sure that pneumonia isn’t moving in or that his lungs aren’t being further insulted by another sort of infection.

We were sent for a chest X-Ray.

We hadn’t had a chest X-Ray since April of last year, when we added Pulmonology to his list of specialists. And that was an experience. Held down by sand-bags and Matty, he screamed through the procedure. (Crying’s good, though, they say. It opens his lungs up for a great view of the landscape.)

Now that he’s older, I thought it might be a little easier. I hoped so, anyway, since Matty wasn’t with us.

Not really.

Once they’re able to support their heads, babies are strapped into a tiny electrical-chair-looking device, shirtless. Velcro straps around his feet, belly, head and with his arms strapped down next to his head.

True to form, he cried during the procedure; I almost did, too.

It lasted all of two minutes until I could cuddle the anger and fright out of him.

Before we even left the hospital, I got the call from the doctor with the report that his lungs…..

LOOK GREAT! So, SO much better when compared to last year’s view.


He really is truly growing out of his Chronic Lung Disease! They said this would happen as he grew, with new, healthy lung tissue overgrowing and overpowering the damaged parts caused by his early start. But with a name like “chronic” it sounds like something he’d have forever, right?

So, YAY!

Despite the cough, the fever, the sleepiness and a bit of crankiness, Ollie is continuing to get healthier. Despite the months of supplemental oxygen, his lungs are getting over their initial weaknesses and problems. Despite the worry that a cough could turn into something more sinister, we got great news; he’s still getting stronger and healthier.

It was great news on a not-so-great day. And I am ridiculously proud of his lung-growing abilities.

***Editing to add***
Today, the day after the day we had yesterday, Ollie feels much better. His fever seems to be gone and he thinks I’m funny again. Phew. I was missing my captive audience that thinks I’m hilarious.


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2 responses to “Cough, fever & chest x-ray – who knew it’d be a great day?

  1. Little M and Baby G

    March 12, 2010 at 4:14 pm

    I'm so glad he got the "all clear" with his lungs! I hope he feels better soon!

  2. Michelle

    March 12, 2010 at 7:21 pm

    That's great news! I'm glad he is feeling better!


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