…because that’s how he rolls.

05 Mar

We had a Physical Therapist drop by for an evaluation on Ollie the other day. There’s obviously some frustration out of Ollie that he just can’t move the way he wants to. Snugglins just don’t cut it all day, every day for a big boy of 14-going-on-15-months, you know.

So, on top of the weekly Occupational Therapy that we’re already getting, we’re adding a dash of Physical Therapy every other week, to help him with different goals. Those goals being the basics: crawling and walking.

She noted that, while he has all the pieces to be mobile, he just hasn’t quite put the puzzle together yet. She also noted that he must be a pretty smart kid to be able to think outside the box to piece together his own little way of chasing the cats and lunging for the camera.

Because of his delays, she put him at a 4-6 monther’s level of development. BUT HE’S SMART! Someone other than GRANDMA SAID SO.

6-8 months delayed is pretty behind, when he’s 12 months adjusted, but we’re getting there.

Just recently, it’s been getting to the point where I need to make sure my laptop’s power cord was tucked out of sight, and my trips to the kitchen to refill my coffee cup have become much, much shorter. Because he’s never in the same place I left him anymore. He rolls to kick the end table, to get to the wipes box and to bench press his rocking chair. (He was under it the other day, looking like he was changing its oil.) I’ve come back into the room to find him in a pickle under the couch on more than one occasion.

I lure him out with things he likes, but doesn’t usually get. The camera is a BIG incentive for him. The lens-cover dangling from it is his Kryptonite. He’ll do anything to get to it. Including sequential log rolls and venturing near The Mean Kitty.

So, before we know it, I’ll be posting that he’s taken his first crawling “steps,” and then we’ll really have to baby-proof.

I like how he’s kind of easing us into parenthood.

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